Project Tolstoy

13 Jan

Later I’m making pasta.

But before I sink my hands into a pile of dough, I want to tell you about an ongoing project of mine: to read both great works of Leo Tolstoy: War & Peace and Anna Karenina.

I am currently on page 576 of War & Peace, and I’m pleased to report that it is actually VERY interesting. It’s a page-turner. Whowuddahthought?

I admit that I started War & Peace as a project. I thought: wouldn’t it be SO COOL to be able to say I’d read War & Peace? Wouldn’t others just be SO IMPRESSED by me?

I don’t care if people are impressed anymore (although they should be – it’s a freaking long-ass book) because I’m genuinely enjoying myself. Of course, I’m still less than halfway through, so I guess that could change.


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